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Top 9 Korean Celebrities Who Are Best Friends In Real Life

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9. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Sung Kyung

Their 10-year friendship started way back in their High School days. According to Sung Kyung, they actually lived in the same neighborhood.

You know you are best friends when you go through great lengths for each other. Lee Jong Suk made sure to help by appearing in Lee Sung Kyung’s first TV series. She returned the favor in Lee Jong Suk’s .


8. Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk

Look who it is again! Lee Jong Suk seems like a well liked person who can build great friendships. We just can’t deny the fact that Lee Jong Suk is such a friendly guy! He’s been friends with Kim Woo Bin since they started filming ‘School 2013’.

Kim Woo Bin even surprised Lee Jong Suk on his birthday fan meeting – which made the birthday boy burst into tears.


7. Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Young Ae

These two may not be seen in public together very often due to their working schedule, but the My Love From The Star and Jewel In The Palace stars share a great friendship. They first met each other in a TV commercial and ended up staying in touch.

When Lee Young Ae celebrated her twin’s birthday, Jun Ji Hyun was the only celebrity in attendance. They both look so stunning as well!


6. Lee Dong Wok and Gong Yoo

These Goblin co-stars were actually in a bromance before the shooting of the hit Korean TV series.

You definitely can tell by their interactions.

Gong Yoo was Lee Dong Wok’s senior during his military service which probably helped them form such a strong bond and friendship.


5. Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Go Eun

Before being dubbed as the Goblin’s Bride and Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Go Eun and Lee Sung Kyung were apart of the hit Korean TV Drama Series ‘Cheese in the Trap’ where their friendship began. In an interview, Lee Sung Kyung was asked about her friendship with Kim Go Eun. She replied, “Kim Go Eun is an epitome of loveliness.”

4. Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo

One of the most well known friendships/bromance in the industry is that of actors Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo. They love taking various selfies and videos with each other having fun out and about.

And of course they are seen together out traveling and vacationing. Their friendship is very strong.


3. Kim Tae Hyung and the ‘Hwarang’ Boys

‘Hwarang’ Boys are indeed one of the most #FriendshipGoals in the industry. They share great bonding both on and off camera sets.

Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik were actually caught attending in Bangtan Seonyondan’s concert last year, together with Im Yoona, Kim Ji Won and Park Bo Gum. We can’t deny the fact that BTS’ Taehyung is the epitome of friendliness.


2. IU and Yoo In Na

Despite their 11-year age gap, Yoo In Na and IU share a great bond of friendship. Last melon Music Awards, IU thanked Yoo In Na for being her number one fan.

Yoo In Na also attended IU’s recent concert which shows how much they support each other. This is friendship goals!


1. Lee Kwang Soo and Song Jong Ki

Is this a #TBT? A look at this throwback picture you can tell their formed their friendship a long time ago. Their friendship actually began on the first season of the Top Korean Variety Show still running today “Running Man,” as the main hosts. Later on the two are spotted often hanging out with each other and hosting carious events.

According to some reports, even before Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo announced their wedding, Lee Kwang Soo already knew what’s going on. Speaking of bestfriend things!


Got your own #FrienshipGoals? Tell us yours!


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