Friday, February 21

Ma Dong Seok to Star In Marvel’s “The Eternals” With Keanu Reeves

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The first attempt fell through, but it looks like their relations will not end there. Actor Ma Dong-seok might be working with Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves indeed.

Marvel Studios’ new hero film “The Eternals” is likely to star Keanu Reeves. Foreign news announced on the 3rd that Keanu Reeves may soon be working with Marvel in “The Eternals”.

Marvel Studios has put in a lot of effort to recruit Keanu Reeves up until now, like Ma Dong-seok. Keanu Reeves was even discussed for the role of “Doctor Strange” and was mentioned for “Captain Marvel”, but things didn’t quite work out. Marvel has been in contact with Ma Dong-seok since the 2016 movie “Train to Busan” and they finally have him for “The Eternals”.

Ma Dong-seok and Keanu Reeves almost met in “John Wick 3”, a film series starring the latter. Ma Dong-seok said, “The production called me for “John Wick 3” last year, but the scheduling didn’t fit with “The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil”.

“The Eternals” is the story of a tribe called Eternals with supernatural powers. It is set for release in November next year.


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