Tuesday, February 18

Top 3 Actors Who May Enlist For Military 2020

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3. Jang Ki Yong

Jang Ki Yong is recently rising to fame with numerous dramas such as “Confession Couple” (2017), “My Mister” (2018), “Come and Hug Me” (2018), “Kill It” (2019), and “Search: WWW” (2019).
The actor was born on Aug. 7, 1992 and has to leave by the end of next year.

2. Yang Se Jong

Yang Se Jong was born on Dec.23, 1992. His birthday is very late in the year. He might have to enlist a bit later than others.
Before leaving for the army, he will film the drama “My Country” with Woo Do Hwan who was born in the same year as him.
The actor previously acted in dramas such as “Dr. Romantic” (2016), “Saimdang, Memoirs of Colors” (2017), “Temperature of Love” (2017), and “Still 17” (2018).

1. Woo Do Hwan

Woo Do Hwan started to rise in fame after “Save Me” (2017). He appeared in the drama “Tempted” (2018) popular overseas.
Him, Yang Se Jong and AOA‘s Seol Hyun are the main cast of the historical drama to air in the second half of 2019 “My Country” (JTBC).
Born on July 12, 1992, he has to enlist by the second half part of 2020.

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