Saturday, January 25

Abyss Premiere Turns In Impressive Ratings

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The New Korean Drama “Abyss,” is a story revolving around Ko Se-Yeon (Kim Sa Rang) a beautiful prosecutor who is excels at her job. One day she gets into an accident and dies. Due to mysterious a bead Abyss, Ko Se-Yeon is revived, but she now has a different appearance. Ko Se Yeon (Park Bo Young) and now possesses a common appearance. The mysterious bead Abyss revives dead people, but they are revived with a different appearance. Their appearance depends on how good their spirit was.

Meanwhile, Cha Min (An Se Ha) is the successor of a cosmetics company. He is smart, humble and has a good heart. He is also very unattractive. Cha Min gets into an accident and dies. Due to the mysterious bead Abyss, he comes back to life with a different appearance. Cha Min (Ahn Hyo Seop) now has a handsome appearance.

According to Nielsen Korea, the May 7 premiere episode of “Abyss” achieved an average rating of 3.9% and highest of 4.7% across all paid platforms including cable, IPTV, and satellite.

The drama also recorded an average of 2.6% and peaked at 3.3% for tvN’s target age group of 2049 (people between the ages of 20 and 49). Thus, it achieved the highest 2049 viewership ratings among dramas in its time slot including those from public broadcasting channels.



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