Saturday, January 25

Upcoming Movie Tazza 3’s New Trailer Starring Lee Kwang Soo and Park Jung Min

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On July 9, Lotte Entertainment released the first poster and trailer for the upcoming movie, Tazza: One Eyed Jack, starring Park Jung Min, Ryoo Seung Bum, Choi Yu Hwa, Woo Hyeon and Lee Kwang Soo

Tazza: One Eyed Jack is part 3 of the Tazza series, based on the Tazza comic – One Eyed Jack of the Pig Young Man and the content will continue the story of Do Il Chool, the son of Jjakgwi, a character that has been introduced in both part 1 and part 2 before.

In the movie, actor Park Jung Min and Ryoo Seung Bum will take on the lead roles in the movie. Park Jung Min will play Do Il Chool. He is a poker player and his father is Jjakgwi (played by Ju Jin Mo in Tazza 2). Ryoo Seung Bum will play Aekku. His name means someone who has an eye.

Along with the release of posters and trailers, the film is also confirmed to be released in Korea in September 2019.

Check out the trailer below!


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