Saturday, January 25

IU Filming Hot Del Luna Updates SNS + Yoo In Na Send Her Support

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On July 12, IU posted on her Instagram the caption “Iyooinna (combination of IU and Yoo In Na) Yum” along with photos of the food truck sent by Yoo In Na in support for IU’s latest project “Hotel del Luna.” In the photos, IU is posing in various ways in front of the truck and the banners sent by Yoo In Na. Already known for being extremely tight friends, fans were excited and happy to see the two supporting and sending love to one another.


In the first photo, IU is standing in front of a large banner that says, “Please eat deliciously, and please take good care of our Ji Eun (IU’s given name).” On the top of the coffee truck, the banner reads, “Everything is thanks to director Oh Choong Hwan and the staff! Have strength!” A separate banner on the side says, “I agree (Chan Sung) that Man Wol should receive a lot of love,” and uses a play on word with the Yeo Jin Goo‘s character’s name Chan Sung, which also means to approve of or agree with something.


tvN’s upcoming weekend drama “Hotel del Luna” is about a hotel for ghosts that is run by owner Jang Man Wol (played by IU) and elite hotelier Goo Chan Sung (played by Yeo Jin Goo).

“Hotel del Luna” premieres on July 13 at 9 p.m


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